Handmade shaving brushes made in italy


Leonidam Brushes are handmade shaving brushes inspired by passion for wet shaving. New brushes are released once or twice a month.
When a new release is scheduled you'll se a countdown bar on top of the homepage.

If you like a particular style from the gallery and you'd like to see it in next release, get in touch with us to request it and you'll be notified when available,
or you can ask to schedule a private sale and have the handmade shaving brush you like directly.
Private sales have a +30€ service price.

All brushes are sold with a set knot. Browse the options.

Knot Selection

Silvertip Badger | Leonidam

Silvertip Badger

Silvertip Badger: features The Silvertip Badger has a unique color pattern and it’s very gentle on the skin, due to soft tips and medium backbon...

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