We are artisans and wet-shavers and we want to offer for sale to the wet-shaving community products of the quality we want for ourselves. Our policy in general is to treat others as we would reasonably expect to be treated as buyers of quality shaving products. We hope to receive reciprocal consideration.


We do our best to accurately describe the shaving brushes offered on this website, and we hope the inclusion of front and back photos of each brush will minimize if not eliminate disappointment. If, however, after receipt and prompt inspection you are not satisfied with a brush you purchased here because of a material defect, please contact us immediately by email sent to info.leonidam@gmail.com.
We will generally grant timely requests to replace or return damaged and unused brushes if 1) the request is made by the original purchaser, 2) the brush is returned in its original packaging, and 3) we receive the item within 30 days (as evidenced by tracking) of its delivery to the shipping address we were given to use in connection with the purchase.
After receipt within 30 days of sale, we'll proceed with an inspection of the returned shaving brush and we will fix or replace it and ship it back to you with no further cost.
If a fix or a replacement is not possibile, we'll refund the total brush price.

We don't accept exchanges or cancellations, because every brush is sold with a custom knot and loft. Taking the knot off is a risky procedure: with the high temperatures necessary to take the knot off the gel tips could be wrecked, and it would be impossibile to re-sell it.


The shaving brushes offered for sale on this website contain hand-installed, badger-hair knots. All specifications and measurements are approximate, and no two brushes will be the same. We carefully inspect all brushes ourselves before we package and ship them; however, reasonable tolerance must be allowed for minor variances, imperfections, and asymmetries. Since all the handles are handcrafted, there will surely be differences. That said, we warrant the shaving brushes offered for sale on this website to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser. Brushes evidently subjected to improper handling, care, or use (e.g., dropping, excessive pressure during use, exposure to temperatures above 57°C or damaging chemical agents) will be excluded from coverage by this warranty. If a brush you purchased develops a problem you believe should be covered, please contact us promptly by email sent to info.leonidam@gmail.com. We will respectfully evaluate your claim and strive to achieve a satisfactory resolution, provided that our obligation will in no event exceed refund of the purchase price and shipping costs you paid.  


You will bear responsibility for the proper use and care of any shaving brush you purchase on this site. You must obtain a return authorization by email before returning a brush either prior to its use as provided above or by reason of a claimed defect covered by warranty. It is your responsibility to ensure safe, timely, and tracked or signed-for delivery to us of a returned brush. No refund or credit will be given for a returned brush that is lost or damaged in transit. We will carefully inspect returned brushes, and we reserve the right to deny a request for refund if we conclude the conditions stated above have not been met, in which case we will respond with a respectful explanation and return the brush to you .